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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hope for a Dollar

He stood trembling, eyes darting, his hands fidgeted, and the wheels that whirled within seemed to squeal "Man, get...me...outta here. Come on. Please ...just...help. Man... Can I go yet?"

The doorway to Canadian Tire, standing with can in hand, is simply no place for a boy of 20.

People walked by suddenly fascinated with their shoes. He whispered requests for help but the mere sight of him, even at a distance, had folks looking for another way in. Forced to enter here, they turned to the only protection they know, indifference.
"Maybe, just maybe if I don't look at him somehow perhaps he'll disappear. Or at least I won't have to deal with him, with IT."

But not our son of 5. He sees everybody, especially those who tug at some innate, innocent call within him to love, those he can just tell NEED love.

"Dad, can I have a dollar?" Liam asks.

Shiney-bit in hand, off he treks and stops right in front of the boy, the can chin level, and then glances up and into the his dirt and tear stained face.

"Here you go!" he says with a smile bright and wide, you know the kind that warms any heart. And the coin drops with a clink.

Silence for a moment, as the young man sifts through the fog of thoughts that threaten to bury him. He comes to and sees Liam, hears him, smiles and says "Thanks little man. Thanks."

There they stand, and it may be the sun that lights the day but hope has also founds its way to here.


As my husband recounts this story I stand by the kitchen sink. The tears rise in my throat and sting my eyes. I turn and wonder aloud, "Where is his mom? What happened to him?"

I feel the pain of it all rush over me and I ache with the idea that there is little I can do to change the path of life for this boy. But I look to Liam and I hope, I pray, that his kindness perhaps gave this boy a knowing that people do care, they will stop and see the reality of what he faces, and not shy away from the role they can play for change.

For me, I write and speak on many topics that inspire and empower people to live their YES! Life... But for 1 in 5 Canadians facing metal illness, 'Yes' simply means getting out of bed, finding their feet to stand and a person who will reach out a hand, a lifeline really, to steady them along the way.

Will you see the suffering around you and not shy away? Will you find a way to steady a person, find their eyes and give what you can to show them there is hope and light even though right now they may feel consumed by the dark?

You can give a little or a lot, but together even just talking, writing, reading, learning how to see the need for love, listening with our innately-wise, child-like heart is a start.

For those who want to learn more...Canadian Mental Health Fast Facts.
For those looking for a hand and heart to steady them along the way Lee Horbachewski & Simplee Serene.
From here you will surely find your way through and up and have opportunity to discover new and remarkable ways to offer hope to those who need you to see.

Thank you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

FEAR. Remove the beard. Long live the adventurer.

Like bread, water and a roof over our heads as the fundamental necessities of life in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, so too is the recognition, understanding and conquering of fear essential to embrace the YES! life.

Instinctual fear, as the hairs raise on the back of your neck or stomach begins to churn, is a powerful tool designed to ensure the survival of the most aware.

But psychological fear, often as False Evidence Appearing Real is debilitating at best and destructive at worst. Like an imaginary voice whispering constantly about doom and doubt this surreal character boasts of untruths and fuels worry that may never come to be. That being said, as quantum physics would support, listen to that voice long enough, come to even believe its absurd murmurings and, BLAM, guess what? Those whisperings are truths and your self-fulfilling prophecy has manifested itself. Hmm, sound bleak? Maybe, but those false imaginings are no match for the positive thoughts that can replace and overpower them.
How can you quiet the silly meanderings of your mind and free yourself from fear and find the light of possibility?
With your Guru alive and well with all the answers you will ever need within you, questions and reflection are your best means for answers and solutions.
1. Determine the source of your fear. Ask yourself what you are afraid of? Sometimes our fear can be a legitimate warning sign to encourage us to shift direction, find a new way or halt us on a path that is leading to nowhere. Ask, listen, record and be honest with your answers and evaluation.
2. Anchor yourself to your strength and courage. If you discover much of your fear is false, based on a lack of knowledge and understanding or self confidence, get educated, open your heart to compassion and anchor yourself to a reference of 'truth'.
3. Defog your perception glasses and SEE what might be.  What if you had no fear about this situation?  What if you were already there, beyond the concerns, worry, frustrations and felt at home as you Own It, the YES!, the best of what it is your desire?  Envision yourself sans fear, basking in the light of the life, the means, the ending you KNOW you can have or you wouldn't be reading this.
4. Chuck the rear view mirror.  Do not allow yourself to indulge in wavering.  You've set your sights on what can be, if only you keep on keeping on and eradicate fear.  Fear is only ever a weight never a means to alight your wings.  Eyes forward, on the prize and every second an opportunity to learn and grow and refocus ... one day closer to the universe delivering what you know you already own.

When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being Hurled through the Shift Fan? 40 Blogs to help you De-stress and More

Outside of Shift Junkies, not many people really appreciate Shift, but often Shift is detested the most when Shift is happening to us, when we are being ShiftED.  Shift coming at us isn't so bad if we feel we have a little control over the Shift.  Being fired, financial market crashes, divorce papers in the mail, yea, no Shift Control.  No Shift Control = Major Stress.  Major Stress = A Downturn in our ability to even see the Yes in life, let alone feel the hurrah of it all.  BUT what if we could Shift our perspective versus ducking, running or pouring another scotch?
See it like this..if you hate your job, being fired is a major bonus - if you have no assets, or you are more than your assets, then a market crash is a Shift you can cope with and ride out - if you've spent 20 years in hell-connection, divorce is heaven on earth.  See...Perception of Shift is Key.

In the midst of Shift we can hardly see the light or the lesson, but what if we could see it all as if it were 10 years down the road?  Shift is necessary.  What if we could change our focus in this very moment to what IS working?  Shift is liberating.  No matter what we think, we have Shift Control in every situation and the power to let go of the rage or helplessness that threatens to grip us.  How?  Shift our perception of how dire the Shift is.  And hold on until either the Shift is moving toward someone else, or we get that Shift either breaks us or makes us all the more able to embrace gratitude for what is, build something bigger, with someone better.

So What?  What's Next?
-See Shift for what it is?  Fleeting and an opportunity to step up, step away or gain perspective on who you really are and what you really want.
-While being hurled through the Shift Fan hold onto something real, within yourself or someone you know, who knows the REAL you and what you can be beyond this.
-Let the Shift Go and Flow.  Take time to take it all in and Think.
-Plan your Shift release party and Map out the practical steps for how you will live beyond this Shift.  Where to next?  How to get there?  What have I learned?  And how will I use these lessons to fuel the YES! I am and the YES! I will create next in the world.

April is stress awareness Month.  Why not prep now?  Here is a link to help you Shift through stress and celebrate the YES! to come...40 Best Blogs to Follow during Stress Awareness month.

Stories on how you've leveraged Shift?  Got strategies for Shift Control?  Care to share?  Would love to hear...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are You Freaked?! You Should Be

When we stand on the precipice ... All we've been behind us; all we can be just over the cliff's edge, and the blue beyond calls clearly and deafeningly we SHOULD feel freaked. Ahhhh but just enough to make us acutely aware. The real buzzing in our ears is the exhilaration that comes with knowing. If I jump I'll either plummet or soar. So what will you do? Just stand there? You can't go back ... So leap my friend and know there is absolutely no way you can fail. You were born to do what you dream to do or you wouldn't have been called to this edge at this moment in time. Your time to soar is now... Be freaked, but JUMP.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Embrace your inner call to hibernate and regenerate!!

The chill in thunder bay when it bites with full force is second only to the Arctic I believe. "Why, oh why would someone choose that bitter winter when there are so many extraordinary warm places in this world to live?"people so often hazard to ask. I'm hard pressed to answer sometimes, as I've lived in those balmy spots where it is gloriously consistently hot. But, I braved it today and I was struck by a truth few would understand, lest they lived here... Rousing from a period of hibernation is mind-blowingly beautiful (yep I have been known to hide indoors for the majority of a cold snap).
And yet, there is nothing quite like the brilliant blue sky, rays of welcome sunlight illuminating crisp fallen snow, waking the world of creatures with a song of hope... Spring will come. It reminds me that each living creature needs a time of rest, to go within and then... When the time is just right we burst out into the world brighter and more brilliant than ever. As such, I wish you, no matter where you call home on the globe, hibernation, regeneration and rebirth (and an occasional escape to somewhere decadently warm when you need to take the chill off). Look out spring ... Here we come!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Courage is a Daily Deed

As Jack (Gerard Butler) tucks his wee one into bed she bubbles over with questions and conversation about her favourite storybook, Indiana-Jones-esque, hero Alex Rover. "Daddy do you think Alex Rover was born with all that courage?" Jack searches for the right words, knowing this is one of those rare teachable moments... "The thing about courage is, it's something that we have to learn and relearn our whole lives. It's not just in you, it's in every choice you make every day." Nim quickly learns of her own courage as she fights to survive while her father is lost at sea and to protect the peaceful secret island they cherish. Nim's Island is a film that touches the heart at any age, but this lesson struck me most profoundly. We so often believe that courage is something that is called out when extreme circumstances come knocking. But is it? Is it not courageous to choose every day to share a smile, a glimpse of hope or kindness with those in need, make the decisions necessary to live the YES! life we long to know? I hope you choose courage in all you do today, actions large and small and wear a badge of honour in your heart knowing that you in all your ways, make a difference in this world. May opportunities for courage knock today; and may you answer boldly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Watching a Dream Unfurl

One of my favorite parts about the job I do and the life I live is being privy to the visions, dreams and big hairy audacious goals people entrust to me as we build a plan for taking ideas to action. The world is filled with inspired and inspiring souls who seek opportunities to contribute to this worthy planet of ours. My hat is off, my heart full and I am abeam with hope that at Christmas and throughout the year there are angels with lofty and practical goals in out midst. May you meet one or be one or find yourself inspired to become one in simple and significant ways ... YES! YOU!!
And to all my clients and kindred friends thank you for making me Believe. Blessings for a year that is as WOW as you can make it!! Jen